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Email Database - Active Nigerian Email Address Database  DATABASE [ for your effective email marketing ]

"Are You Loosing Sales By Giving Customers & Clients Many Choices?

As  A Business Owner ! I advice you read this article to the end & find out, If You Are Losing "Sales" or Not ?


"Email List" is the Key to any business success, the money is in the list, and everybody screams it & even says it louder and you know it's true.

Ask yourself, how many times you clicked on a link inside an email and bought a product... a LOT, right?

In fact, you're only reading this, because you have just clicked on any of our advert link which directed you to this particular page or you’ve bought a product or service from us and that was because i sent an email to you.

If you can think of any internet marketing activity, I’ve probably done many of it. I’ve been successful with a lot of campaigns and failed with even more… But there’s one thing I’ve learnt.

Nothing beats Email Marketing” If you have any form of business [both online and offline] you need Email Marketing. It has stood the taste of time and millions of businesses worldwide leverage its power daily. There’s no better way of spreading your message than using Email Marketing,  and when combined with SMS Marketing it becomes [Email Marketing + SMS Marketing = Double Success]

 If you have an email address, then you probably have subscribed to one if not several email list. Even if you think you’re not subscribed to any list, think about this:

When you signed up with Gmail and got your shiny new email address, then you have automatically subscribed to Google list. Meaning, you have indirectly given Google permission to send you important announcement and notification emails and sales of their products and services.

Think Again!

Do You Have a FACEBOOK Account?

What did they ask you when you signed up? Yeah, your email addresses or phone number.

What about Amazon? What about Aliexpress? What about all those dozens, if not hundreds of websites where you entered your email address either to get something for free or signed up for a training, etc?

You’ve been exposed to Email Marketing from the first day you had your first ever email address. There’s a reason your email address is more valuable to companies than your real name or who you think you are.

An email address is your identity in marketing, it’s the equivalent of Social Security Number [ SSN ]  in the online world. It identifies YOU.

And you keep checking your email account on daily basis. So you’ve given businesses the privilege of sending you daily or weekly emails.

There’s much bigger reason why an email address Database is so valuable to all business owners and companies.

Reason is because, Owning an Email Address Database List of people who are ever ready to order for your products and services, any time of the day is the best asset anyone could have.

It’s FAR better than property, company, stock, cars, gadgets, you name it:

Because by using it in making daily sales,every other things are possible to come in x3 because there will always be enough cash flowing into your Bank Account  to cater for them all.

An Email Database list, is your business best ever tool, a way of communicating your message to people who are genuinely interested in hearing what you have to say. It’s a one-to-many interaction that allows you to enrich your live both professionally and personally.

.......and i know you will soon join the club  of [ Email Marketing Lifestyle ] Right away: Using this OFFER OF THE UPDATED & ACTIVE EMAIL ADDRESS DATABASES.   

So, here's the drill...

What if you could be the one sending those emails?

What If you could lay your hand on this active & regular updated huge email list?

And start sending out your Business | Company | Products &Services Promo Emails that make you a lot of money...!!!

Using Email marketing to reach out to your potential customers & clients is the sure best way & Guaranty of marketing your products & services fast.


“According to the, email marketing is king with a 3800% return on investment, 92% of adults use email nowadays, and 61% check their email DAILY.

Does this sound like a large enough market? You bet it is.

Targeted emails generate 58% of ALL revenue. 58%!  Email marketing is nowhere near being dead, it is thriving! .....and will keep on thriving without stop...”

"Traffic." It's the lifeline of your business both online & offline (and your income).

Pretty much - without traffic, your online business is doomed.
Today am going to expose you to something NEW that will change the way you think about getting traffic Online/Offline ...


ONE thing every business cannot do without is an "effective marketing system".
Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, your business is dead on arrival.

It does not matter if you have the best products and services in the world. If people don't know you exist, it's completely useless.

Unfortunately, i see so many businesses
focus on being the best at what they do and have, not being  focus enough on creating effective marketing systems to get customers in the door.

Even worse, some people actually believe
that if they have a product or service that's great, people will come. While there's some truth hidden in this statement, it doesn't happen by accident.

Nope. It takes strategic and systematic planning to get a steady stream of potential customers coming in contact with your products and services and
eventually, becoming paying customers.

In other words, as a business owner or
marketing executive, you need to create an effective marketing system that introduces people to your products and services and converts them to paying customers.

The big question right now is how to create such a marketing system."How To Sell Anything To Anybody!


Get A Crowd Of High Quality Cash-In-Hand Customers To Your Business
Discover The Exact System I’ve Used To Repeatedly Get New Customers
And Generate Millions Of Naira In Online Sales
...and how you too can use the same system to get more traffic and paying customers than you can handle.

In just a moment, I'm going to share with you the exact proven system
I use in all my businesses continually:
    Get a constant flow of MASSIVE quality traffic
    Get new LEADS
    Get new PAYING customer
The great thing about this system, is there’s nothing technical about
it. It’s easy to implement and once it is done, you’ll be able to…
Its 100% sure that generating TRAFFIC is the primary aim of every website & business owners both online & offline.
But let me advice you today that you should be careful on how you go about getting this TRAFFIC down to your Website or Business.
"Targeted TRAFFIC Rocks the fast result oriented " So, ensure you seek for it always.
Reasons is because, "Targeted TRAFFIC Provides Better Chances For Conversion"

( The Higher Your Targeted Traffic Goes = The Higher Your Conversion Rates Moves = & The Higher Sales You Make )

Firstly, you need to understand that online businesses operate with similar business principles as offline in most cases.
Let's consider a case study
You have a shop @ 'computer village' in Ikeja (Lagos state)
where you sell the computers and its accessories.

No matter the quality of the products you sell, there won't be any sales IF potential clients don't walk into your shop...
That's is traffic! And the same thing applies online.

A professionally designed website or blog promoting great
products/services WITHOUT visitors will yield no PROFIT.
So TRAFFIC is a very sensitive aspect of your business both online & offline .

Am Ready To lead You Through, If Only You Are Ready To Listen To Me.

I know 97% of marketers are familiar with different 'Conventional' methods of getting traffic...

 Facebook ads, Google ad-word, Blog sponsored post, Forum ads, Online Newspaper ad etc.

There is nothing absolutely wrong with any of the above channels.

of getting traffic...

In-fact I use them too!

But they require a lot of capital to get started and to
continue running your ads on their platforms.

What if there was a way you could send over 500,000 people to your business & website for FREE in just few days...?

I mean 'TARGETED' traffic...

It's a scary thing to think about, especially considering
the #1 challenge most people face in their business is
getting quality traffic, and turning traffic into sales.

Is this a challenge you face in your business as well?

If YES, I have good news - you can now reserve your slot
to grab "Our Irresistible Active Email Address Database" promotional offer.

Here is the 'Cyber Week' Deal

= Get my verified and highly responsive Nigeria Email Address Database For Nigeria &  International


Here is the secret way to reach thousands of Nigerians fast, without spending millions of Naira in advertising.

  • Do you have a product or service to sell?
  • Are you getting tired of promoting and getting nowhere?
  • Are you interested in increasing your sales instantly?
  • Are you looking for something with an exceptional difference?
  • Have you wasted so much money advertising your products or service & pasting your ads & nothing to show for it?

Try our fresh Active & Verified Nigerian Email Address Database List and you will see the difference. We are the proven best opt-in leads” service provider. We provide some of the highest quality leads available in Nigeria. EVEN ALLOWING YOU TO USE OUR OPTION OF "Service Before Payment"   TO ENSURE 100% SAFETY OF YOUR MONEY  WHILE WORKING WITH THE MOST TRUSTED TEAM & TO PROVE THE BEST QUALITY SERVICE YOU SHALL STAND TO RECEIVE FROM US., 

Yes! The OFFER IS UNBELIEVABLE TO BE DONE IN NIGERIA! But Is "TRUE" Only If You Can Give Us A Reason To Trust You. )

Our New Current & Updated  Email Package Includes:

1.) Individual emails

2.) Top corporate business organizations emails

3.) Nigerian businesses and their emails

4.) Nigerian Churches emails

5. )Nigeria Internet users Email

6.) Events planners’ email

7.) Nigeria Job Seekers emails

8)  160,000 High net worth Individuals emails Database and HR managers 

9 ) 53,000 Nigerian Companies/ Business Database with full details ( Name,

Address, Phone No, Emaill address etc )

10 ) 80,000 Medium to large scale businesses e-Mail Database-of SMEs-

11) ( 0ver 50,000 entries) Real Estate Emails & Its GSM Database-----

12)------ (2,215 Entries) Engineers  eMails & Its GSM Database

13 )  17,000 GSM Business Owners In Surulere, Ikeja, Island & Amumo Odotin Lagos State

14.) 880,000 active Working Class Emails addresses in Nigeria

15. ) 500,000 active General Internet user’s emails addresses in Nigeria

16. ) 20,000 active classified contacts of Co-operate

Executives in Nigeria

17. ) Over 600,000 active Business details in Nigeria

(Names, Phone Nos, & Emails)

18.)  B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) Nigerian emails

19.)  Nigerian Hotels email addresses

20 .)  Over 600,000 Active Emails addresses of online shoppers in

Nigeria (those who buys stuffs regularly on JUMIA, KONGA, KAYMU, DEALDEY etc)

21.)  50,000 active emails & phone numbers of top senior and co-operate executives in Nigeria

22.)  39,009 Lagos Students Active Emails address

23 )  65, 536 Nigeria active emails nationwide

24)  52,140 (Business School in Nigeria)

25)  High connected Individuals and Co-operate organization

General all is over 4.5Million Nigeria Active Email Addresses for your sure effective Email Marketing. (Guarantee Results Oriented Services)

Each one on its separate file on the Database

Note: This email Package comes with a TOTAL FREE premium Full version Bulk Email Sender Software that will enable you send out emails to all your list.

Our Current Promo Special Offer


Discounted Price =  ( N10, 000 ) ONLY 

To Order, Pay N10, 000 into Any of Our Bank Account Below

 Image result for first bank logo



ACCOUNT NUMBER  - 3041015101


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ACCOUNT NO -  0038112867

After payment, kindly text the depositor's name, Teller Number, Email and amount paid  with the subject “Email Database to 08157312660, 08098820879

And the E-mail Database package + Its TOTAL FREE premium Full version Bulk Email Sender Software that will enable you send out emails to all your list  .Will be sent to you within 24hrs of confirming your payment.

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