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How Popular Nigerian Pastors Make Millions to Grow Their Ministry Even When Tithes and Donations aren't Forthcoming.

and how this discovery helped me make an extra Millions Of Naira Every Single YEAR.


Rejoice Chikamnele - Sir J

(aka the passive income coach )

Jide Abayomi

First of all, let me apologize to you, if you think i have hidden this wealth secrets before now to you.

Making Legit Income Online and Helping People Do The Same.

Those who know me well can attest to it that am an unselfish entrepreneur and Christian by faith and do not miss most church service.

But I must confess to you, asides been born into a Christian home another thing that fascinates me is a particular business model I first learnt from the church.

This "secret currency" is so powerful and goes beyond the reach of any government policy is what Authors, Publishing house even Popular pastors rely on for steady,consistent and reliable income.

So what is the "secret currency?



In this short report I would explain to you how effective this business system is and how famous Nigerian Pastors deploy is so effectively that they never fail and how I copied this exact biz model and keep making millions of naira this year doing it.

In the year 2009

Dr D.k Olukoya the General Overseer of Mountain of fire and miracle ministries popularly known as MFM launched his book titled "Prayer Rain" actually from what I read online that is just one of the many he has written and published, but why this was special because it sold

I million copies in less than 6 months at N1,500 each

Yeah you read it right

That is a freaking 1.5 billion naira in sales for just one book in less than 6 months of launch, think am framing this up

See what I got from an online magazine..

Other popular Pastors that sell information in form of books, audio cd..include my amiable Daddy G.O Pastor E.A Adeboye of RCCG, Bishop Oyedepo of Living faith church (winners chapel)


In-fact aside selling hard copies of their books, they now sell online via Amazon and the church website.

Here is one of such on Amazon.(amazon is the one of the biggest online store in the world)


These information guides (ebooks) brings in money on daily basis to support and grow the ministry.

So if these men of God I respect so much are doing this business successfully.

Why Not You and I?

I mean the business of creating, packaging and selling valuable information at a price, you can do it online or offline, but I prefer the online aspect maybe because that requires less working capital.

Information products – are simply materials that help people solve some particular problems. For example, an e-book on “How to start Importing cheap goods from China and USA with just N10,000 ” - " an e-book on How To Loose Weight ,  Se-book steps Guilds On How To Have Flat Belly After Pregnant Delivery " How To Successfully Passed You Interview " E.t.c   This & Many more can stand as your information product.

This exact Information Business model that I call the simplest most profitable business in the world brought me an

Extra Millions Of Naira Passive Income this year alone..!

Before I show undeniable proofs Of my students making the real cash in this information marketing industry , selling different information products to solve many problems facing the society. this would make you adjust your glasses,  but before than , let me quickly share the 5 Step formula you must follow if you must make any serious income from this business.

An Amazingly Simple 5-Step Profit Machine


Step 1: Find a problem (topic) people are interested in and want a solution (information) to.

Step 2: Find the solution (information) to that problem (topic).

Step 3:
Package it in an easily deliverable format. (PDF OR Simple Video or Audio )

Step 4: Give it to them (the people who want the information) at a price they can afford!


Step 5: Sit back and watch the money roll in.

Now there are lots of people out there who teach this business online , many of them are my students or clients.


Fortunately for you, Regardless of the state of the economy, People still need things. Problems still need to be solved… And people are still willing to PAY for great value.

How do I know this.

Well I have been making a strong  figure income monthly doing this business

wEARNING  : This Is Not Made For everyone - "but only THE SERIOUS MINDED ONES READY TO HEAR THIS TRUTH :

  yes ! ignore This Today ….   Only  If You Wish To Fail online or Hate To Hear The “TRUTH”

Exposing The Years Hidden “TRUTH” Of Internet Online Paying Business In Nigeria.

Is Time To Use The Rightful TOOLS And Make Things Happen

Dear Friend

Frankly speaking….

This message will be brutal. If you hate people who tell theTRUTHStraight… You’ll be offended.

    And frankly, if you get pissed off … I Really Don’t Care.

Why? Because I am trying to save your ass…

I’ll Tell You A Harsh TRUTH. No Sugar Coated mouth here…READY..!

Aright Let’s Go….

So how long have you wanted to make that pepper online “MONEY”.

5years, 3yrs, 2yrs,1year, months ,weeks or even TODAY?

Okay! How much have you made?

What’s holding you back?

Are you just moving around reading E-mails and blog posts the entire web, or you’re actually trying to bring your own product up?

Have you made 1kobo yet?

-         Are you just dreaming money and not taking any ACTION?

Oh… You’re taking ACTION?

 What action then?

You mean reading emails and blogs, facebook post, visiting all website, probably as you are reading this one as well, or watching YouTube videos or posting shits on Facebook wall, pages and Groups?

Let Me Tell You Straight Up …!

If you go about reading other peoples articles on blogs, reading emails, clicking on the entire links online they say you should click on to be paid, join facebook and be commenting AMEN Any place you see miracle money…..

-         Joining 10+ one dollar REFERRAL Program, for sure have referred 100+ people above this year with your link and made some dollars but sorry it becomes:

“I Never See Money”

Na so!

-         Ok! You have been looking for how to verify a Paypal account to withdraw your earning from Click-bank and others.

-          Already have created a FREE BLOG looking for Google to approve your Ad sense without thinking of TRAFFIC MEANS.

-         You went and setup a BLOG because you had Linda is making millions blogging and even bought a Range Rover worth Millions of naira, forgetting she have been blogging since 2002 and never hit the income goal over night, but persistence and hardworking kept her moving, till the cash start flowing small-small- till Millions. But for you, you want to achieve it over night! “ Sorry dear, It wont work @ all”

Ok! You have for sure, went for 10 and above FREE SEMINARS, TRAINING, WORK-SHOP, ETC on different niche of online money making this year. “You Said”

“Let me see how it works after all, they say is FREE”

Well!  I don’t blame you, you have nothing to do with your TIME…For you still come back with the same story NOTHING WORKS…forgetting that already 1000 people have seated before you, just because is FREE Listening to one person, treating 5 business topics in less than 3hrs. Haba! Na so, you want to build that ideal?

-         Oya!  You gone for the paid ones where you paid N3, 000-50K to learn, surprising to me, you still come back with the same story NOTHING WORKS! “But don’t forget we went together on that day! And when the speaker shouted: Are You Understanding? – It was your voice that makes the biggest noise… Shouting  YES OOO

So! What Latter Happen?

Simply because you never implement what you think you where understanding?

Just because you had AUTOPILOT ATM Machine well go pull money for you while you sleep after the seminar.

-         Ok! Now I see where you have been taking  ACTION

You have been buying different sets of TRASH eBook in different topic and keep on wasting your time, losing money and making yourself more confuse and before you discover what’s happing is too late


You now start condemning the Internet Online Money Making Region

The next thing you will hear is that I have tired several times but nothing works out.

Sir & Madam, My Question Is?


Storing TRASH eBook to your email: Well! I never know that your Email don become Bank WA Go Increase Money for You



You Are Wasting Your Time!

Here Is The Only TRUTH Of What Works Online To Make You Money & Get You RICH.

Sell A Product Or Service

Yes you MUST Sale before you make a dime online PERIOD.

Either you are selling a product or rendering a service to solve people’s problem in exchange of money.

(And here another BIG Secret most successful people online are INFORMATION MARKETERS.

Go today check out… Success Digest Extra and you’ll see what is talking about.

You will see lots of people selling stuff in form of an EBook, Videos, Seminar, Software’s, and Application etc

Oh! And do you know the main purpose of SUCCESS DIGEST is to sell their own Seminars and courses?

Look At The Big Naija Gurus!

What Do You See Them Do?

They Sell Their Stuff: - Info-product, Courses, EBook, Videos, Training's, Seminars And Services etc…


That’s what Internet Business Is All About…You MUST SALE Info-Products or Service that helps people solve a problem or need, are being sold or render to billions of people online in exchange of MONEY

 OK! Do I Hear You Say: You Know And Have Had This Already...?


SIR & MA, What’s are you waiting for?

What’s your own excuse from joining the League of Internet Millionaires Club making legitimate passive income monthly by simply selling their knowledge to the large audience market online?

Ok! You think you don’t know or have what to sell?

Or you don’t know how to write a SALE Letter?

You can’t create a product?

You can’t find peoples major problems which they are willing to empty their Bank Account just to buy from you?

You don’t have marketing experience?

Do have a website or how to go about it?

You are still confused, thinking internet is all about scamming people?

You are not a computer GURU?

You don’t have the cash to start with?




Here Is Your Way out….!

You Must Value Every Piece Of Paper On The Floor…!

Wow So..So…Great

From the day I learn't how to turn my PAPER & PEN into Cool Passive Income ATM Cash


My Life Automatically Change To Better:

Then I Discover There Is REAL VALUE In Every Piece Of Paper On The Floor…


And Will Forever Live To It, As Long As Life Permit:


{ Learn IT! Do It!!! And Sale IT!!!}


SO HURRY TO GRAB YOURS TODAY WITH YOUR TWO HANDS AND LEGS …Mark My Word… Ignore This Simply Means You Want To Fail Online.

Are You Ready To GO There?

Call It A Risk- Run The Race And Tap Into This Lucrative Business That Separated The POOR From The RICH FOREVER

-         You Can’t Continue That Same Life Style  (POVERTY STYLE}

Rather Join The Big Boys Today…..

-         Why Telling Stories About Money When YOU Can Be In Control Of Money Itself? Flee Away From POVERTY And Stay In Possession Of Money By


Sorry! I Can’t Do That without Your Permission>

Are You Ready To GO…………………!




Solution To Your Financial Freedom Is Here:


See You There



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